Twitter Earnings – 6 Best ways | 6 Best ways to make money on Twitter

Twitter Earnings – 6 Best ways | 6 Best ways to make money on Twitter
Twitter Earnings – 6 Best ways

Twitter Earnings – 6 Best ways | 6 Best ways to make money on Twitter

Twitter is one amongst the foremost fashionable web sensations that offer you freedom to talk your heart out. To some individuals it should look like wastage of your time however those that use twitter they adore it and simply swear by it.
Did you recognize that you just will create extremely good financial gain too with this platform? All you wish may be a good loyal followership and regular tweets to create cash from your twitter account.

1. Sponsored Tweets

It is one amongst the simplest ways that to earn money from your twitter account. Sponsored Tweets is that the powerful twitter ad program that brings varied brands and twitter users along wherever the users will choose the ads on their terms and worth.
Well, to use this ad platform you may ought to have a twitter account that's sixty days recent with a minimum of fifty followers and a hundred tweets on your account.

2. MyLikes

Another fashionable thanks to create cash via twitter is MyLikes. it's a robust platform for social advertising that may even be used with YouTube, tumblers and even on websites and web log.
On this platform you may see ads from many advertisers. you'll be able to opt for the ads associated with your niche and interest and might set the time to mechanically tweet the advertizement from your twitter account. One will earn $0.42 per ad click from MyLikes. start with this platform at

3. Rev Twt

With the enlarged quality of twitter, several twitter advertising platforms are rising. Rev Twt is yet one more and extremely notable twitter primarily based advertizement service that provides a PPC (pay per click) platform to active users. The additional followership you have got on twitter the additional name and earning potential you may wear this platform. you'll be able to check in for this service at

4. is an in depth advertising platform that may assist you observe financial gain from your twitter account. The platform won’t pay you for per ad click instead you'd be procured a complete advertising campaign. If you comply with share specific range of tweets together with your audience on a selected schedule then you'd get payment for that specific campaign. you'll be able to do that ad platform at

5. Twittad

Twittad- is claimed to be one amongst the foremost trustworthy platforms. If you have got quite giant followership then Twittad are often a very sensible financial gain generating program as a result of you're able to set your own cost-per-click on every ad can|which will|that may} be tweeted from your account however 1st the adman will need to settle for your bid before you proceed any. however the simplest factor is that you just will evoke the cost-per-click per the quantity of followers you have got. Have a glance at this platform at

6. Affiliate promoting

There is an excellent success with affiliate promoting on any thereforecial platform so you'll be able to use your Twitter account too to push your affiliate links and on each purchase from your followers you'd get some commissions. There square measure many e-commerce corporations that run such affiliate programs however you ought to obtain the product to push as per your niche and therefore the interests. you'd need to post tweets on regular basis to create sensible earning with this methodology.